Posted by frank on August 4, 2009

CBW5 Screenshots, Combat Video & CryEngine

By now you probably noticed the closed beta event 5 is over. Supposedly there was a lot of complaints about lag and ganking, however for some reason I couldn’t log in to the beta forum to see any of it myself. I do know however that gankers prevented wowfony from making the third unbiased Aion review, for which I’m really sad

I only played for about ten hours total this time: I’m either getting older and can’t handle 16 hours/day anymore, or the more likely scenario, it’s beta and I’ll rather wait for the game to come out to try it. Only got a Gladiator to level 13 which ain’t much of an accomplishment, but I will be posting my thoughts about the latest beta soon nevertheless.


There’s an article over at some Swedish site talking about the CryEngine. The article is in english, but you can translate the rest of the site here. It’s a short interview ansswering a few interesting questions about Aion’s engine, how NCsoft modified and customized it and why the hell Aion looks so good.

Advanced Combat Video

CBW 5 Screenshots

Courtesy of Longasc again, we got 140 new screenshots in out Beta Weekend Screenshots gallery. There’s plenty of interesting areas and scenery, as well as pics from the Abyss. If you didn’t get first hand experience, check out the gallery.

He also posted several impressions about PvP on twitter:

  • Enemy player levels are never shown, they are always level ??
  • 5 lvl higher players can still be hit with attacks and spells reliably,the only major problem is they resist CC effects better
  • Tanks are cool in PvP,their “pull” spell is like the DK grip. Either your group lets you die or they must engage in close combat
  • Clerics are hard to kill 1v1, but they do not have as good CC as other classes. So they cannot stop you running
  • Sorcerer sleep only lasts some 4-5 seconds in PvP, and breaks on damage
  • Class synergies encourage PvE and PvP grouping, 2-4 people are ideal for ideal for PvP, 2 for PvE abyss point farming
  • XP/Abyss points, well everything, is divided exactly by the number of people in group. Damaging mobs/player targets of others
  • Damaging players/mobs tagged/killed by other players gives a % of points,too, looting rights apparently are based on % damage done
  • No castle sieges yet, mostly small gank squads flying around. But the size of the Abyss makes it easy to run away
  • The lowbie rift ganking (level 50s going to level 25 Eltnen areas e.g.) is adressed in later patches, but still quite unresolved
  • The “PvE zones” become very huge later on, and rifts only allow a certain number of players through. e.g. 25 players, max level 30

I gotta get this guy to write some posts for us, he knows a hell of a lot more about Aion than I do.

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