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Posted by frank on August 11, 2009
 Newsflash: Patch 1.5, Aion Podcast, Blogs

Newsflash: Patch 1.5, Aion Podcast, Blogs

Since I didn’t post any of these news in the last few days, I’ll just slap them all into one post.

Patch 1.5

New costume in patch 1.5Over at aionsource, someone was kind enough to translate the patch 1.5 notes and reveal several interesting new features and changes.

  • Lots of instances have their reentry times changed.
  • Cast speed bonus added to some unique items, now no longer exclusive on the super-rare hero weapons.
  • Can master two crafts.
  • Toggle helmet show/hide in preview item.
  • Number of Chat Tabs available increased from 6 to 7, also added separate language chat channels (English, Jibberish)
  • Rifts show level limits
  • Added a key option to select nearest dead body
  • Game now highlights skills, recipes, stigmas, and emotes you’ve already obtained in Red.
  • You are now notified if your arrow or power shards fall below 100 amount.
  • New costume obtainable in Theobomos and Brusthonin (image on the right).

The fact that we can now master two professions is definitely positive news. In addition there’s a few class changes as well, you can read the full patch notes here.

“The Abyss” podcast

The Abyss Podcast is, what you might already have guessed, an Aion podcast. It’s well done and entertaining, so be sure to follow them to keep up with the news.


In addition to Aionic Thoughts which is quite impressive, there’s several new blogs and more popping up all the time.  I added a few to the links section recently and thought I’d give them some extra exposure here — they certainly deserve it.

There’s more news and info to be found on each of these sites and I highly recommend checking them all out. It’s great to see the community constantly growing, and what better way than to write down your thoughts about our favorite game. If I missed any blogs be sure to let me know.


GameGuard guyI already talked about the GameGuard software and what a failure it is, and fortunately NCsoft is aware of it as well:

Your feelings on GameGuard are justified and known to the North American and European teams. As it stands now GameGuard does provide a certain level of protection. If and when we find a better hack/cheat/bot prevention system we will use it. GameGuard will be improved or removed before launch.

Here’s hoping they will either improve it or get rid of it.

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3 Responses to “Newsflash: Patch 1.5, Aion Podcast, Blogs”

  1. aion kinah says:

    Great to know that aion community are fast growing! Actually, I’m very fond of reading updates about the game. And I think those various blogs above are great source for my reading fondness. ;D

  2. Did you know what version will be the game when it is released for europe?