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Posted by frank on August 18, 2009
 Licensing Issues in EU

Licensing Issues in EU

A very controversial issue appeared earlier today on I’m not sure about the source so I had to think twice before posting about it myself, but since it’s a very serious concern for thousands of players including myself, I can’t help it.

Apparently, NCsoft decided to give distribution rights in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to a company called “Innova Group”, which is a distributor of localized Russian version. In addition, an IP block will be enforced, meaning the players from these countries will not be able to play on European servers, but rather Russian. Furthermore, Croatia and Turkey will be joining those countries and will be blocked from accessing EU servers as well, which clearly made a “few” players quite upset.

Russia, Croatia... same thing

Being from Croatia myself, I fail to see any logic behind this decision. I included a map so you can fail to see it too.

Now I’m not sure about Turkey, but Russian language is definitely not a popular one in my country and I have no intention of learning it just to be able to play Aion, nor would I ever want to play with any russian people and I’m not alone. Due to the IP block, we obviously won’t be able to choose where to play, and forcing players in any of the above countries to play on localized russian servers has got to be the most ridiculous move I’ve ever seen in history of gaming.

The official response to this is yet to be seen.


Response (GM Ricardo) 08/20/2009 10:23 AM
Hello there,

Thank you again for your interest in Aion.

Croatia will be included in the EU servers.

Unfortunately, we do not have any further information about the game’s release in Lithuania at this point.
As a result, Lithuanian users will not be able to use any acquired serial codes to create an Aion game account (whether it’s American or European).

Should this situation change we’ll make an announcement on our official website.

Thankfully one part is resolved, Croatian users will indeed be able to play on EU servers, however Lithuanian players will not be able to play anywhere or will be limited to Russian servers. Definitely a bad move by NCsoft.

Another edit:

All of the aforementioned countries will be able to play on EU servers, thankfully.

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4 Responses to “Licensing Issues in EU”

  1. Egidijus says:

    Im from Lithuania, we hawe sam problem.

    Although it wasn’t confirmed officially, some GMs (especially GM Ricardo) claim, that Lithuanian IPs will be banned as the Aion: The Tower Of Eternity goes live. This way we will be forced to play Russian game version in Innova administrated region.

    Lithuanians would never accept this decision and here some reasons that explain our position:

    The quality of the game – we claim that the Innova company won’t be able to offer the same game quality as NCsoft West.

    Interface language – Lithuanian alphabet is based on Latin, not Russian. Furthermore in Lithuania schools English is chosen as primary foreign language. As a result younger players don’t know Russian.

    Payment – Although the standard of living in Lithuania is lower than in the old European countries, but the idea of donate shop is unacceptable and undermines our perception of fair play. We would pay monthly fee and strengthen our characters ourselves rather than pay money for items or any other game feature.

    Principle – we are members of the European Union and NATO. Some of us and all our parents still remember our fight for freedom and the idea of a forced return to Russia will never be acceptable even if we are speaking about the virtual world.

    The topic of this poll is: “Are you satisfied with possible NCsoft decision to force Lithuanians to play in Innova administrated Aion game servers?” Vote No if you support our will to play in European game servers.

  2. Deneve says:

    Najljepše želje iz Litve, to će trebati peticije za potpise, što će pomoći

    Best wishes from Lithuania, it will need a petition of signatures, we will help

  3. jana mieriigaa says:

    s**h like this can hapen only in baltic states.

    atsuutat sev daavanu no amerikas.

  4. says:

    Being Russian myself I am not angry. I would hate if my country was made to play under some american shit. Glad the the issue is resolved. Shows how responsive the aion crew is, great sign.