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 How to Earn Kinah Guide

How to Earn Kinah Guide

Many Aion fans and players have big interest in this obviously. How to become rich, that is. Some have earned several tens of millions, and some have gone to hundreds of millions. This post will try shed some light on the most commonly used tactics for earning kinah in Aion.

On the powerbook during early May, there was an event to gather information from players regarding this Know-How, and a total of 246 players have revealed to us their secret money-laundering techniques.

Thanks to those who have left us their feedbacks, and by sorting them all out we’ve made it into this Know-How.

We hope that this information helps you a lot on your journey.

Table of Contents

  1. [Craft] Continuous Usage, Making the Needed Consumables
  2. [Craft, Gathering] Quest Required Materials Package
  3. [Craft] Specially Good Stat Gear
  4. [Sales] Make Characters to Expand Your Store
  5. [Sales] Different Pricings for Different Packages
  6. [Sales] Mass Materials Purchase on Low Tax
  7. [Sales] Get The Cheap Ones
  8. [Hunting] Get Expensive Drops By Killing Balaur
  9. [Hunting] Killing Unpopular Named Monsters
  10. [Gathering] Gather and Sell Popular Items
  11. [Skin Change] Sell Gears Made to Look Like Top Abyss Gear
  12. [Morph] Using DP and Od, Make High-Priced Materials
  13. [Extraction] Break Up Gears to Make and Sell Enchantment Stones
  14. [Manastone] Gather Useless Manastones and Turn Them into Expensive Ones

1. [Craft] Continuous Usage, Making the Needed Consumables

Since consumables from Alchemy and Cooking is used by all classes, it is always in demand. Therefore, if you get the prices right, you can make a steady profit. When the prices for the materials for these consumables go up, their product price also goes up. You must keep an eye on this.

Player tips

For cooking, it would be different for each server, but what you are going to make depends on the profit.
I for one make the following:

The 2 new cooking consumables have a lot of competition, and when theres a lot of competition your profit suffers. Since the PaJ is a commonly used DP food, make that here and there. Then go to Brokers and put em up.

Cooking consumables sell slower than Alchemy consumables, but the profits are higher. Don’t hurry your sales.

2. [Craft, Gathering] Quest Required Materials Package

Some quests require you to go and get some materials for completion. However, many of these items are sold in 10-100 in quantity, so it annoys the people trying to get those materials only for quest completion.

In this case, if you put up a little pricier quantities of 1s, those trying to complete the quests will buy them. Since theres a lot of players looking for them, you can gather a lot of kinah from it.

Player tips

In case of the Asmodian Beluslan LvL 34 Mission Contaminated Beluslan, you need Mosbears Claws, Asmodian Party Kisk Summing Stone (changed to Party, Alliance, and Legion Sizes in Patch 1.1), and Salix Tree.

Of that, Salix Tree is a gatherable. People may be lazy or not have the required gathering level for it. And also, the quest requires only one of them. If the cheapest Salix Trees come in quantities of 100 to 500, then they cannot buy them for quest completion. So since it is an important mission, you put these up in quantities of 1s for 4000 kinah each.

Like that, even if you put up 10 of those, since theres a lot of players doing the mission each day, they’ll be sold in no time. But an important thing to remember is how much your competition is selling for. Even if there is a competition, you would still get 2000-ish profit. Its important to keep on selling these for profit.

3. [Craft] Specially Good Stat Gear

Of the Crafting professions, to make money from Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Handicrafting, and Tailoring, you need to do a little research first. You don’t go and just make a high lvl gear. You need to find a specific gear sought by many, with little competition on them.

One of the special items is a lvl 23 equippable belt Craftman’s Shining Jute Waist Band. Since the production level is 130, it is a low production lvl item that most crafters bypass without looking. But its stats are good, so many players look for it. Finding out such items is the way to go.

4. [Sales] Make Characters to Expand Your Store

Leveling some characters to lvl 10 and making them able to use the Broker merchants is important.

Each Daeva can put up 10 auctions at time. If you have 5, then you will get 50. Having more auction space will be crucial. This everyone knows.

Also, the more items you have up, the more buyers you will get from customers on your name.

5. [Sales] Different Pricings for Different Packages

When you are putting items up on the Broker merchants, putting same price for same quantity is not a good idea (ie, 1 for 300 kinah, 10 for 3000 kinah – not good).

Lower amounts should have a higher price per merchandise, and higher amounts should have lower. Higher price applies to people only wanting to purchase low amounts, and lower price applies to those who wish to make a mass purchase, for example Crafters.

Player tips

If a Major Scrolls material cost is 4000 and the current lowest price for those are 5000 in 100 quantity, then sell your 100 quantity in 4990 in 1 to 3 packages, 50 quantity in 5200-ish in 2 to 4 packages, 20 quantity in 5600-ish in 3 to 6 packages, and 10 quantity in 6000-ish in 5 to 8 packages.

This way, you will earn more money than just selling them in 100 quantities, and they well sell faster as well. Making your name go up before your competition by looking at the prices is important, and that is why having 50 Broker merchant space is important.

6. [Sales] Mass Materials Purchase on Low Tax

Depending on the occupied Castles, the Tax rate becomes different. When its high, the materials cost more, and when its low, materials cost less.

So when you make purchases from the Material Salesman (for example, paper and glass bottle for Alchemy) when the Tax is low, you will be that much more competitive.

Tax also affects Inventory Space expansion and travel fees, so you must always pay attention to the Tax.

7. Get The Cheap Ones

Obviously, there are some cheap items that comes up on Brokers once in a while. If it’s a material then gather them for cheap, turn them into a product then sell them at their price.

Also, on the weekdays there are cheaper items than ones on Weekends. But note the rises/falls in the prices, and judge if the price of the item in you are getting is cheap or not.

8. [Hunting] Get Expensive Drops By Killing Balaur

The Balaur shows up in lvl 25-32 zone Sulfur Tree Islands in the Lower Layer. For LvL 39+, they also show up in the La Mien Islands in the Upper Layer (there’s other lvls tho, I’m pretty sure)

They often drop the Draconic Gear materials, and these sell well. Also, hunting in the abyss gives you abyss points as well as experience. Since you might get attacked by opposing faction (and you certainly do at the lvl 29 Draconutes spot) its best to setup a kisk nearby. High level players kill Balaur in Draubniru or Kraltumagna dungeons, and these too drop high priced materials.

9. [Hunting] Killing Unpopular Named Monsters

If you kill a Named monster, you may get Green, Legendary, or Unique drops. Putting these up on the Brokers or extracting Enchantment Stones makes you a hefty sum of money. Obviously, the stronger the Named Monster is, the pricier the drops.

Important thing is finding unpopular solo-able Named Monsters that are just overlooked by people. Out of these, some drop not-so-bad drops, and even if it’s not a frigging loleazymode gear drop, you can extract Enchantment stones from them and sell those.

10. [Gathering] Gather and Sell Popular Items

Meanwhile, the Aether-type of items are still very popular. Not only is it required upon production, its harder to extract, therefore it is very highly priced. Aether is a very fast selling material.

Other than that, the often used materials for consumables (herbs, jewel sorts of items) also sell often. You just have to look at how much competition there is and pick your prices.

11. [Skin Change] Sell Gears Made to Look Like Top Abyss Gear

Using AP, you can get parts of the Green HolySpirit series (Elyos) or EvilSpirit series (Asmodian). These of course, you use to change the skins of other gears.

Reason being, that these skins look exactly like the lvl 50 Orange gear, and also has a light-emitting effect. Thats right, these items skins are as same as the strongest Abyss Gear (this is advantageous in PvP, as there is less motivation to attack characters with PvP sets on).

Once you make a skin change with this item, that skin changed gear becomes tradable. These are sold to players at a high price (probably on third-party trading forums, as you cannot immediately know the skin just by looking at the name).

12. [Morph] Using DP and Od, Make High-Priced Materials

If you hunt around a bit you’ll gain DP, and with it you can make Aether-type of materials into other materials. All morphing requires 200 DP, and the only thing different is what grade of the Aether it requires. Therefore, if you morph it into the expensive materials, you will gain profit. If you gather the Aethers yourself, you will gain that much more profit.

You must pick out which materials are best to morph into by comparing prices. You can gain Morph Designs at an NPC in Abyss Castles (after your faction has captured it).

13. [Extraction] Break Up Gears to Make and Sell Enchantment Stones

If you’ve got the spare money, its possible. If you gathered enough money to buy a Unique-Grade gear, search for a good priced one at the Broker merchant. After that, once you use extraction kit on it you will get enchantment stones, and sell these back to get some cash. If you are lucky, you will get a high lvl enchantment stone, and can net you a big profit.

Or, you can make gear just so you can break them into Enchantment stones, and this may net you profit as well (the production material cost < enchantment stones made from extraction).

Player tips

Once you’ve gathered some money, immediately go to the Brokers. Then you start searching. Pick the cheapest lvl 45-50 Legendary/Unique grade gear. Then extract.

But before that you must know something. Legendary can give you upto 20 higher / Unique can give you upto 40 higher enchantment stones. But heres the thing! Say you’ve extracted a lvl 45 legendary and got a lvl 43 stone. Then next you must go buy the most expensive Unique gear (he means in market priced ones, not the overly priced ones) and extract from it.

The reason being, there’s a specific chance to each character for Crafting/Upgrading/Extraction. Therefore, if you’ve got a lower lvl enchantment stone from a gear, there is a chance that you’ll get a higher lvl enchantment stone from your next extraction (80% and higher).

14. [Manastone] Gather Useless Manastones and Turn Them into Expensive Ones

Using Alchemy, you can make lower grade manastones into higher. The most sought stones, Critical Hit and Attack, are sold at high prices. However, the other manastones come at a very low price.

Buy these cheap stones, and turn them randomly into attack and critical hit types of manastones using the Manastone Exchange Quests. Even tho these come out to be low grade, you should turn them into higher grade stones and make profit from that.

Buy masses of these, then you have to exchange these by traveling to various zones which can get annoying. But if you overcome this, you will see good profit.

Player tips

This method uses the Manastone NPC in Interdiktah. She turns your trash manastones into useful ones with 2 Manastone Quests at lvl 29. The first quest requires: +50 HP, +18 Accuracy, and +18 Shield Defense, and the second quest requires: +50MP, +10 Parry, and +18 Parry.

Many users don’t even bother with manastones other than +2 attack and +10 Crit, so they are lying on the private stores or on the Brokers for 300-ish.

I bought 100 of each type. Then after 200 of the repeat quest, I gained

  • +5 Flight Time: 3 in quantity (worth about 80-120k ea): about 240k
  • +2 Attack: 34 in quantity (about 7-8k ea): about 240k
  • +10 Crit: 28 in quantity (about 7-9k ea): about 200k

Other than that, I got some +75 HP and other scrub ones. While the manastone purchase cost was about 160k, the reward manastones themselves are worth about 680k. Within 1 hour to 1h30m of repeat questing, I gained about 540k!

Through Alchemy and using 31 highest grade Catalysts (about 5k ea, 150k total), 4 of +15 Crit, 6 of +5 Attack manastone crit, even though it depends on when you sell them, at the time I sold my manastones I got about 1,680,000 kinah.

Source: aionsource forums

I plan to use some of these kinah making tricks as soon as possible, and even try to come up with some of my own and keep this post updated! If you have any tips to share feel free to comment below. Also, don’t forget to check out our previously posted guides for more Aion info!

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