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Posted by frank on June 29, 2009
 Aion Basic Controls & Keyboard Shortcuts

Aion Basic Controls & Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of basic controls in Aion. Don’t be a clicker!

Movement and character control:

  • W Move Forward
  • S Move Back
  • A Move Left
  • D Move Right
  • Q The view turn Left
  • E The view turn Right
  • PageUp Open the wings
  • PageDown Hold the wings
  • R Rise when flying
  • F Lower when flying
  • . Walk / Run
  • NumLock Auto run


  • P Character window
  • K Skill window
  • I Inventory window
  • Y Personal Shop
  • J Quest window
  • M Map window
  • O System option
  • G Guild window
  • L Alliance request
  • H 1:1 Help
  • V Search friend
  • X Peace Mode / Attack Mode
  • Esc Cancel
  • Print Screen – Take a screenshot

Attacking, using skills and misc:

  • Tab Choose the nearest enemy
  • C Normal attack at the target
  • T Select a user previously whispered
  • B Soul Attack On / Off
  • Space Jump
  • 1 ~ = Using skills in the skill slots
  • Ctrl + 1~= Using skills in the first expanded skill slots
  • Alt + 1~= Using skills in the second expanded skill slots
  • , Sit / Stand
  • F1 Choose yourself
  • F2 ~ F6 Choose other team members
  • F7 Choose the nearby player of your side
  • F8 Choose the players in an area
  • F10 Main Menu
  • F12 Hide / Display all windows
  • Shift + F12 Hide / Display other players
  • Shift + ~ Hide/ Display chatting area
  • Shift + T Trade with the target
  • Shift + Z Switch the weapon


  • / + Name Whisper
  • /W + Name Whisper
  • /S Normal chatting
  • /Y Scream function
  • /T Select a user previously whispered
  • /P Team chatting
  • /G Guild chatting
  • /PP Keep the team chatting channel
  • /GG Keep the guild chatting channel
  • /friend + Name Invite a friend

You can change the default shortcut keys in the system options as pictured below.

Aion Key Bindings Window

If you need a short guide on setting up key bindings for PvP, read this Beginner’s PvP guide.

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